There are three families of Skills. Magic skills are obviously Skills focused on the arcane arts or other powers and spells. Combat is where you will find all your weapon skills. And Talents have to do with Social and Economic Skills. All the skills are put into these three groups for organizational purposes only. There is no game mechanic bonuses for picking all from one tree, they are simply to help you find which specific Skill you are looking for.

The first important note is this:
If you want to do something that doesn’t already appear here, send me a message and we can most likely create a new Skill for you.

The other important note is as follows:
Taking a Skill represents talent above and beyond standard, everyday use. For example, someone who takes the Ride Skill can perform trick riding or excels at mounted combat. Taking Ride is not a requirement to simply travel from destination to destination.

And last but not least, Skill Selection. Here’s the process:
1. Choose 1 Primary Skill, this starts at 5.
2. Choose 2 Secondary Skills, these both start at 3.

3a. Choose 3 Tertiary Skills, these each start at 1.
3b. Choose 2 Tertiary Skills that start at 1, and boost any chosen Skill by 1.
3c. Choose 1 Tertiary Skill that starts at 1, and boost any one Skill by 2 or any two Skills by 1 each.
3d. Add 3 points, divided as you wish to any of your chosen Skills (i.e. boost one Skill by 3, or boost one Skill by 2 & one Skill by 1, or boost three Skills by 1 each.)

Essentially, Step 3 gives you 3 points to spend how you see fit. If you want to broaden your horizons and grab three more skills you think fit or make your character go for it. If you’d prefer to focus on the three you have, boost them up. The point is to design your character how you see fit, and not be limited by how many Skills you can have.

Now, on to the good stuff! The Skills themselves!

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